Set it and forget it

Automated payroll and contractor payments

Automatically initiated payroll that keeps you in charge. Pay your team consistently and on time.

  • Custom pay rates per worker
  • Sign off before payout
  • Automatic tax withholding
  • 1099 / W2 generation
  • Team member onboarding
  • Logging and reporting

Payroll is both tedious and critical for every business. With Sirvist, you’ll have it all managed for you while keeping full control over the process.

Team member onboarding

Onboarding a team member with Sirvist is as simple as entering their email. Your team member gets an automatic, secure email link where they will enter:

  • Account / Routing information for direct deposit
  • Crucial tax information to keep your business compliant
  • Name and contact information for your records

Natural automation

Trying to manually enter jobs while simultaneously keeping track of what you owe to each employee or contractor is an excruciating process for even the most talented managers.

Instead, just enter the job details as you book each one and Sirvist will keep track of everything for you.

When it’s time to pay out, you’ll be notified and can review the details before initiating the payout.